Toong: A Revolution in Coworking

At Wink, we love groundbreaking ideas. That’s why we love Toong. It’s more than a coworking space, it’s the first work environment developer in Indochina. Basically, that’s a simple way to say they create workspaces that utilize design to provide inspiration for a range of customers from digital nomads to entrepreneurs, artists to local creators.

Spaces are key to good hotel design, and Toong’s unique take on how to utilize space and design has encouraged us to also focus on our communal spaces, which will work to inspire our guests and offer unique community experiences once we open our doors.

An Ecosystem

Named after a beehive, Toong is building a forward-thinking community rich in diversity. We love their take on the coworking space so much so that it’s inspired us to work together – collaborating on ideas, exhibitions and events leading up to the launch of Wink Hotels , scheduled for later this year.

Duong Do, Founder and CEO of Toon says “We believe that sharing – from office’s utilities to services – is not just about cost savings, but rather a manifestation of civil participation in a modern society. Embodying that spirit, Toong was born, pioneering the concept of coworking space, despite many doubts about the practicality of the model in an emerging market like Vietnam.”

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